Health agencies aim to reduce harm through education

Sault College hosted a Harm Reduction Fair on Tuesday to educate students and provide them with resources on maintaining a safe and healthy lifestyle

Volunteers from a variety of local health and wellness agencies came together at Sault College on Tuesday for this year’s Harm Reduction Fair.

Representatives from Algoma Public Health, Sault Area Hospital, Canadian Mental Health Association, Safe Space, HIV & AIDS Resource Program, and the Ontario Aboriginal HIV/AIDS Strategy were available to chat with students about addiction and opioid overdose, as well as issues related to sexual health and mental health.

“Harm Reduction is an evidence-based, client-centered approach that seeks to reduce the health and social harms associated with addiction and substance use, without necessarily requiring people who use substances from abstaining or stopping,” their social media explains.

Kim Morin, a Sault College counselor, says they’re hoping to educate students to take care of themselves and assist them with maintaining a healthy lifestyle.

“Mental health is health,” she says. “We want students to be aware that there are efforts being made to reduce harm in whatever sort of activities they’re doing.”

“These agencies can demonstrate the harm reduction techniques that are available to them, and hopefully provide some information and education on the use of substances, as well as sexual health, mental health, and wellness.”

Students also have a chance to learn about harm reduction kits, and they have the option of taking one home with them.

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