These Pet Insurance Companies Cover Pets’ Medical Needs

The best pet insurance companies offer broad coverage, flexibility, and financial stability. Check out ways to insure your pets.

Whether you have a dog, a cat, or another furry creature, chances are good that they’re an important part of the family. Pet owners love their animals and want to keep them healthy for many years, and the best pet insurance policies make that possible. If you want to ensure a long and happy pet life, try these pet insurance companies.

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Although pet insurance offers peace of mind for some pet owners, keeping a pet-specific savings account earmarked for veterinary bills and surprise injuries or illnesses can be simpler. Plus, having your pet insured helps you avoid making a tough decision about whether you can afford veterinary treatment.

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What does pet insurance cover mean?

Usually, pet insurance will not cover expected costs such as annual veterinary visits, vaccinations, and diagnostic tests unless you choose the optional add-on. Instead, pet insurance typically covers illness, injury, and genetic conditions common to either dogs or cats. It works much like health insurance for humans in that you can often customize it, adding or removing certain provisions to adjust the cost.

Pre-existing conditions, pregnancy and birth, and any procedures deemed experimental or optional are generally not covered by pet insurance either.


One of the consistently top-rated best pet insurance companies is Figo. NerdWallet ranks it as having the best mobile app among pet insurance companies. Figo’s pet insurance covers common illnesses, accidents and emergencies, chronic conditions, and more. Optional coverage for wellness and preventive care, such as yearly exams and vaccines, is available.

Embrace Pet Insurance

Embrace covers dog and cat illness, genetic conditions, accidents and injuries, dental care, and prescriptions like other pet insurance companies. Wellness items like exams and vaccinations are an optional add-on. Embrace also gives a 10 percent multi-pet discount, a free 24/7 helpline, and a discount for military members.

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Spot Pet Insurance

Another of the best pet insurance companies is Spot. NerdWallet ranks it very high for broad coverage, and US News and World Reports ranked it the Best Pet Insurance of 2023. With Spot, pet owners can choose coverage for accident and illness or accident-only. Visit any licensed vet in the US for reimbursement.

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ASPCA Pet Health Insurance

The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) has pet health insurance with just a 14-day waiting period for coverage. Get up to 90 percent reimbursement with some policies. ASPCA has accident plus illness, accident-only, and add-on policies for preventive care. It also covers hereditary and congenital conditions, chronic conditions like cancer, and even behavioral issues. There’s also the option to pay your vet directly.

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PetsBest Pet Health Insurance

PetsBest, like the ASPCA, has the option to pay your veterinarian directly, unlike some other pet insurance companies. That’s helpful with high-cost procedures when you want to avoid paying out of pocket.

PetsBest plans start at $9 per month for dogs (accident-only) and $6 per month for cats (accident-only). Comprehensive coverage costs more, of course, and coverage is similar to that of other pet insurers. A number of customizations are available as well.

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