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BRAZILIA, Brazil, 06 July 2022 /PRNewswire Coverage/ — Brazil‘s personal medical health insurance sector noticed a rise of 49.6 million members in medical care and 29.6 million in solely dental plans. The figures have been launched by nationwide medical health insurance company ANS.

“In medical plans, the variety of beneficiaries went up by 1,557,174 in a single yr—up 3.14 p.c from Might 2021. from Might 2022 via April 2022the enlargement encompassed 240,096 customers,” the company reported.

As for solely dental insurance coverage, 2,464,567 members have been added in a yr, up 8.32 p.c within the interval, and up 252,592 from Might 2022 to April 2022.

At state degree, the sector posted a surge within the quantity of members in medical help plans in 24 of the 27 states towards Might 2021with São Paulo, Minas Geraisand Santa Catarina exhibiting the best positive factors in absolute phrases.

Underneath dental care, 26 Brazilian states reported a surge yr on yr, with São Paulo, Minas Geraisand Santa Catarina being those with the most important rise in absolute numbers.

SOURCE Agência Brasil – Empresa Brasil de Comunicação S/A – EBC

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