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Various reports of the “serious medical episode” that WWE Hall of Famer Jerry Lawler experienced on Monday night are circulating, but it appears that his health is getting better.

As previously reported, Lawler was hospitalized on Tuesday after what was described as “a serious medical episode” on Monday at his condo in Fort Myers, Florida. Prior to becoming ill and being taken to the hospital, Lawler had earlier gone out to lunch with friends. Action News 5 in Memphis later reported that Lawler had a stroke, underwent successful surgery, and was already making a full recovery.

The King’s condition was updated by Dutch Mantell after speaking with Lawler’s son Kevin, who had spoken with his father’s doctors. Mantell stated that Lawler’s stroke was confirmed and that although he had lost feeling on his right side, it had returned and was getting better.

Additionally, it was stated that Lawler had some paralysis on his left side at the time of the stroke, which he was just beginning to regain. Lawler also had right-side paralysis right after the stroke, according to Mantell, but by late afternoon he had regained the use of his arm. Mantell says that Lawler’s speech was still impaired as of Tuesday evening, but doctors expected that it would return as well because recovery took longer. Lawler was said to be in good condition and should make a full recovery from the incident.

Dave Meltzer reported that Lawler had not experienced a stroke but rather a blood clot to the right side of his brain. According to the report, Lawler was discovered face-down outside of his house on Monday and was then taken right away to a nearby hospital.

After his surgery, Lawler reportedly tried to speak but was unable to. His Fort Myers hospitalization has not changed.

Meltzer also mentioned that Lawler’s son Kevin was visiting his father in Florida and that he was in touch with WWE.

The 73-year-old Lawler made a public signing in Florida over the weekend after just working the WWE Royal Rumble Kickoff pre-show.

Lawler previously experienced a stroke in late March 2018 and a severe heart attack in September 2012 while providing commentary for RAW. He recovered entirely.

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