Here are the top food items to serve for Easter Sunday

Whether it’s before the egg hunting or after hitting the pool, here are some of the top food items you should consider serving on Easter!

st. PETERSBURG, Fla. — Easter Sunday is less than a day away, and many people who celebrate the holiday are already planning what delicious meals and snacks to serve their guests.

If what you just read doesn’t sound like you and you’re still trying to figure out what food to put out before the Easter Bunny stops at your home, don’t worry because we have you covered!

Whether it’s before the egg hunting or after hitting the pool, here are some of the top food items you should consider serving to those you celebrate Easter with!


You can never go wrong by preparing some appetizers to kick off the holiday party!

According to Delish, below are some of the best smaller foods to give your guests:

  • Deviled eggs: This food item fits the eggs the theme of Easter and is one of the easiest foods to cook.
  • Ham and cheese pin wheels: With some store-bought crescent roll dough, you can stuff them with cheese and ham topped with your garnishes.
  • Sour cream and onion dip: Everyone loves some dip to go along with their chips, and this self-serving appetizer will include caramelized onions and some chives.
  • Fondue bites: These cheesy party snacks are easy to make and a solid win in the appetizer category.
  • Spinach puffs: There’s nothing wrong with turning a healthy food item into a delicious snack! These bites of puff pastry filled with a mixture of spinach, garlic, cream cheese and sautéed onions will start the party right.

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Side Dishes

Along with the main entree, guests may want a side dish to accompany their meal.

Although that might seem like a little more time to prepare, the Food Network says the following side dishes are easy — and creative– to make for your Easter festivities.

  • Scalloped potatoes with ham: You can never go wrong with a dish that includes creamy potatoes studded with salty pieces of baked ham.
  • Steam asparagus: A healthy vegetable with a flavored blend of olive oil, salt, pepper and lemon will go with anything on the menu.
  • Baked mac and cheese: A creamy and moist texture of baked man and cheese in a light egg custard and cheddar will make all lovers of this food item adore it even more.
  • Creamy Spring Peas: A lemony cream sauce on sweet peas and smoky pancetta will give your guests a delicious spring flavour.
  • Lemon and pea Alfredo: This “light” and creamy pasta with peas topped with citrusy lemon will make for a perfect and simple side dish.

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This may of course excite your guests of all ages!

Here are the top and most creative dessert dishes to serve, according to Food & Wine.

  • Lemon cake with cream cheese frosting: A layered cake with flavors of lemon, honey and extra-virgin olive oil while including rich lemon-cream cheese frosting, you can’t go wrong with this special type of lemon cake.
  • Strawberry Tiramisu: Get ready to swap out the coffee and chocolate for strawberries! This brighter form of tiramisu cake will fit the Easter setting.
  • Rhubarb coffee cake: Including a tender, springy crumb, this sweet dish is a perfect match for rhubarb tart on top of the cake.
  • Coconut cream pie: The crust, topping and filling must all have coconut in this fluffy pie.
  • Macarons: It’s best to buy these at a store, but the way you decorate them will give them that homemadefeeling.

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If you do plan on making a trip to the grocery store to make any of the listed food items for the holiday, keep in mind that some businesses may be closed to observe the holiday.

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