109-year-old man shares health tips for a long and healthy life

Vincent Dransfield, 109, lives life like someone half his age. He drives his own car, does his own shopping, runs his own errands and does it all with a smile. The New Jersey-native is still independent, healthy and ready to dance.

“How do I feel? Let’s go out to a dance somewhere. How about that? That’s how I feel,” Dransfield told TODAY. “I’ve been very, very, very lucky in my lifetime. I feel perfect.

Dransfield’s granddaughter, Erica Lista, doubled down on Dransfield’s incredibly lucky 109 years of life. From the perspective of a professional, she couldn’t help but was impressed.

“He doesn’t get back aches,” Lista told TODAY.com. “He doesn’t get the daily aches and pains that I, at 48, get. He doesn’t get headaches, anything like that. It’s crazy. I’m an occupational therapist, so I know a lot about activities of daily living, and he requires help with none of it.”

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